Sunday, May 5, 2013

Update on My Life

I quit my job as an editor at a Korean-owned educational center last January. I stayed there for more than four years. It was a job I loved, really. But I felt that I needed to try something else.

I wasn’t keen on having a new job right away. My original plan was to stay jobless for at least two weeks but not more than a month. I needed to rest. Then, I’ll join a bigger company, I told myself. However, two weeks before my resignation, I was offered a post at this new media company where a friend works. They wanted me to be a magazine editor. I needed to start ASAP, my friend said.

Dilbert on start-up culture. From
I had reservations about joining the company because it’s a startup, and as such, its future is unclear.  However, what made me decide to join it is the thought that it could blossom into something wonderful, and it would be great if I could help them do it. To cut a long story short, I accepted the offer and started working just a few days after I resigned.

We started out shaky, encountering some hurdles. But that’s just normal for any new organization. Now, after three months, I think we’re doing fine. We still need some tweaking here and there, but we can manage. So, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you our magazine … Trip!  

The covers of Trip Magazine's first and second issues.
Trip! is a bimonthly travel, lifestyle, and leisure magazine (but we focus mostly on travel). We actually already have two issues out, but they are only available to our online subscribers. (A few print copies of our first issue are available as samples though). Now, we're working on our third issue. Aside from being available digitally, our third issue (and other succeeding issues) will also be in print, with an initial circulation of 5,000 copies. Watch out for it!

You can visit our website for articles, but for now only a few are posted. You have to subscribe to be able to read all of them. Below is my article for the second issue (I only did editing for the first issue). It’s not posted on our website, so I’m sharing it with you through my blog. (Download the image if you want to read it more clearly.)

 By the way, we're looking for contributors. Contact me if you want to be one. :)


kata garcia said...

Congrats on your awesome new job, Karlo!

Karlow said...

Thanks, Kata! Ngayon ko lang nabasa comment mo. Hehe