Thursday, August 25, 2011

On Gluttony

I was with a friend yesterday. We had pizza. I had five slices. She had three. She’s a lady, on a diet at that, so it’s not surprising that she had fewer slices. Regardless of the circumstances, however, I would still have eaten more. Once, my mother even said that I could finish one 12-inch pizza alone! I have not tried to do so, but I know I could if given the chance. You see, pizza is my favorite food. It has got to be the greatest food ever invented! However, pizza is not the only food that I devour.! (Image is from this site.)
As one of my friends puts it, “Pinanganak akong may vetsin (monosodium glutamate) sa labi.” For me, everything tastes good. I seldom meet food that I do not like. The only thing that I dislike eating is sinabawang isda because it gives me the impression that the fish in it is still alive, swimming in broth. Though I have always loved food, I was never really a happy eater. When I was younger, my family was never well-off, so my mother would cook only what is enough for everyone in the house, except during special occasions. I learned how not to crave for food, and I was able to apply what I learned, until one day.

When I was about 6 or 7 years old, my brother and I were watching this cooking show on TV. I cannot remember what the female chef was preparing, but I remember that I was drooling. I wanted to eat anything that moment just to pretend that I was eating what was on TV, but I had no money and there is nothing in the refrigerator except water. We were alone in the house, and it was a Saturday, so I had no allowance. If anyone had called me patay gutom right at that moment, I would not have disagreed. That’s my earliest memory of hunger. This, however, is not the beginning of my life as a glutton.

I started eating a lot on purpose when I was in college. I got conscious of my body image (I was so skinny), and to address it, I started munching on junk food, fast food, or anything edible whenever my budget would allow it. Then, it became a habit. Now, I either eat even though I am not hungry or I always feel hungry, so I eat. Aside from being able to afford food that I like, I am not afraid to fill my stomach with food because I know that I will not get fat. It’s a metabolism thing (which you probably know already if you have read this). I have a wonderful relationship with food. :P

I know that gluttony is a sin (depending on your faith), but I just can’t give up food. Eating is just so fulfilling, that’s why! It is the only vice I have. I have never tried doing drugs. I haven’t even smoked a single cigarette stick! I drink, but only occasionally, and I gamble only during wakes. Thus, I hope I would be forgiven for my sins. It’s not as if someone dies when I eat (except animals; bless them for their meat). Anyway, I think my gluttony is still at its early stage, and I have no plans to make it worse, so I’ll be fine I guess. :)

(I was eating KFC’s Tower Burger while writing this blog entry.)


gibbs cadiz said...

karlow! yan, that's good--eat more, and blog more! :)

Karlow said...

hi, gibbs! i will, and i will! :)