Saturday, July 9, 2011

What I Learned from The Simpsons

The Simpsons is my favorite television show. I have probably watched all of its episodes (not sure if the DVDs I bought are complete). What I like about the show, aside from being funny, of course, is that it actually has morals. At the end of each episode, I pick up a thing or two about how to live in this world. Some are subtly embedded in the show while others are too obvious.

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 In one particular episode, Lisa, using Maggie’s toys, teaches her brother Bart that people tend to take for granted others, only realizing their worth once they are gone or are already with someone else. I remember this scene because they have used it (not the exact scene, just similar ones) in other episodes. In one episode, it was Nelson who was involved.

Back then, I found the scene cute, so it got stuck in my mind, but since I was really never in such situation, I forgot about it. Recently, though, the scene has been lingering in my mind. (Watch the clip after the jump.)

It is so true. We realize one’s worth only when it is gone or when someone else takes it, be it a ball or something way important than that. The scene makes more sense to me now, only because I am in a situation somehow similar to the one depicted above. Just change a few things and it is as if Matt Groening has predicted what my future will be.

What else did I learn from this show? After all the crazy things the Simpsons experience, before the episode ends and the credits start rolling, everything gets back to normal, but not until they learn something from their experience. Then, they start another episode fresh, couch-gag-ready, as if nothing ever happened in the episode before.

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