Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Cheezburger Network

Helping you waste time on the Internet

I am lucky enough to be in a workplace where using the Internet to browse non-work related stuff is not prohibited. Though there were some attempts to block certain pages like Facebook and Youtube to make sure that employees are not distracted from work, we still are able to access those pages. While others here prefer reading mangas and watching videos, I spend my petiks time browsing sites part of the Cheezburger Network.

The Cheezburger Network consists of more than 40 funny websites – ranging from one with pictures of lolcats to that with photos of muscle heads straight out of the Jersey Shore ("douchebaggery" at its finest). I don’t visit all websites though. I have only five favorites, and here they are (after the jump):


Do you have annoying friends who post stupid things on Facebook? You might want to take a screen shot of their posts and submit it to this website.


A motivational poster inspires people. Well, this website contains tons of demotivational posters. What’s a demotivational poster? Just take a look at this:

Some posters just correct another poster. Just visit the site and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

If you’re a pencil pusher or working in a cubicle, you will definitely enjoy this website. So you’re bored at work? This site will teach you how to make dragons out of paperclips, decorate your cubicle wall with your favorite video game character using push pins, and even create a Gundam robot from cardboard.

This website shows how creative and resourceful people can get just to fix things. Well, sort of. If your car bumper fell off or if there is a crack on the road, only one thing can fix it – duct tape!

Katy Perry looks like Zoey Deschanel. We all know that! So who (or what) else looks like someone or something else? If you want to know, you can check this website.

Other sites I visit, but not as often, are Failblog (for fails of epic proportion), Engrish Funny (will make grammar police have nightmares), Graph Jam (I like charts and graphs), Pokememe (for Pokefans like me), Senor Gif (moving pictures are awesome), and Poorly Dressed (just check the site; sometimes, it’s NSFW). Not all sites are haha funny for some will make you go "aw" (as in cute). These are Must Have Cute, Win!, Daily Squee, and It Made My Day.

You can tell from this post that I have all the time in the world to visit these sites. It has actually become a daily habit (usually during lunch break) to check them. Though fun as it may be, I am actually trying to get rid of this habit because it is quite addictive. So click on the links at your own risk. :P 

(Images are from their respective websites.)

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