Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Tori Amos Lomo Camera

The box that came with my 150-dollar Tori Amos CD has been collecting dust (literally) in my room. I haven’t touched it since I took photos of it for my blog. 

I realized that I needed to get whatever’s inside of it exposed to some daylight, so I looked for a dry cloth to get the dust off and let my “baby” breathe some fresh air. See what’s inside the box after the jump.

It’s a limited edition TORI Diana F+ Lomography Camera Set!

(Read this first if you have no idea what lomography is.) I won’t pretend that I know how to use this. My brother, who is a professional photographer and an avid lomographer, even called me a ‘’poser’’ when he learned that I bought one. I can’t blame him. He has tons of lomo cameras but I never bothered playing with any of them. But hey, I’ll buy anything with Tori’s name on it!

It’s supposed to look like a piano, Tori being a great piano player.
I can’t even take decent photos using a standard digital camera. Using this one will really be a challenge.
Look at how big and shiny that flash is! I hope it doesn’t cause blindness.
I don’t even know what the thing on the left is for.
Yey, literature!
Also in the box are a photo of Tori Amos in Moscow taken using the TORI Camera and a film roll.
The lack of anything digital here scares me.

Sure, there are iPhone and Android apps that allow cell phone cameras to function as lomo cameras, so you might think that having this is not practical. But I think nothing beats the real thing (says a poser).

Another challenge here is that I can’t preview a shot (it’s analog), unlike with a digital camera. Thus, I won’t find out what my shots look like until the film is developed. However, what’s good with lomography is that it is not really bound by any rules. Just shoot and click and whatever comes out will still be considered great. A lomo camera is a toy camera. The idea is to have fun while using it. And that’s what I’ll do.

I actually plan to sell this camera once I have used up the free film that came with it. I just want to experience genuine lomography. You see, lomography is an expensive hobby. A roll of film for my toy is worth 500php, and that’ just for 12 shots! I know that because my brother sells films (original), and he won’t give me a discount. (He keeps the films in the ref. I can always get one and hope that he doesn’t notice. Jk hehe)

I’ll post the photos taken using my new baby and post them here on my blog. :P

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