Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Dream of a Condo

A real estate agent called me offering a condominium unit. She knows me because I have talked to her before when I inquired about another unit, which I have really no intention of buying. Since this new condo is near our place, she asked if I was interested, and I sure was.

A random photo of a condo from the Internet.
This new condominium seems promising. It will be just few steps away from a mall and the LRT 2. Its units’ size is generous. And it is a project of one of the most popular property developers in the country today. What attracted me most is the payment scheme. Since the construction will be finished not until 2015, I have four years to pay for the down payment, which is 20% of the actual contract price. This makes the monthly due something I can afford, though I have to make a few sacrifices.  I just have to worry about paying the remaining 80% later.

The agent told me how buying a unit will be a good investment and that I will never have regrets. She does her job well, I can say. After sweet-talking me into buying the unit, we decided to meet again after three days so I could pay the reservation fee. I was 100% sure that I would buy a one-bedroom unit. However, a day before we were to meet again, I changed my mind.

For more than 20 years, we lived in this small apartment where there were only two doors: one as the main door and the other as the bathroom door. I slept on the floor until my father brought home this old bed that the original owner disposed of. It was placed on the second floor where our living room was also located. Four years ago, we moved to a bigger apartment and I was able to have a room, which I am now sharing with my brother. You see, space is something I wish I had but never really had.

The agent’s offer was an opportunity for me to fulfill my dream of having my own space. However, aside from realizing that I was deciding in haste, something that I never do, I also realized that owning a condo unit might not be the most practical thing. Sure, I can afford it, but I may need to live on instant noodles. Besides, if I were to live alone, who would cook my food, who would do the laundry, and who would do the dishes? I don’t do these things. A little bit of cleaning is all I can do. (I’m a prince in our house. But I work hard to deserve all the pampering. Hehe)

I also remembered a vital life lesson that I learned from being with my family for 25 years – live a simple life. You see, I was never raised in the lap of luxury. It was always about what’s necessary over what’s fancy. Sure, I do enjoy some lavish stuff every now and then, but that’s about it. Going beyond that would be a crime, I suppose.

While watching TV a few weeks ago, I chanced upon this report about a victim of the September 11 Attacks in the US. In the memory of the victim, her husband, a Filipino, donated 60,000 US dollars to Gawad Kalinga. That amount is almost equivalent to the price of the condo unit that I thought of buying. However, while that money was used to build 50 houses for 250 people in Tondo, all I could have for such amount would be a box of air good for one person. Watching the report helped me put things in proper perspective.

I still dream of having my own place, but now is not the right time to fulfill it. I’m still young, anyway. I guess I’ll move out when I’m truly ready. :)


Fickle Cattle said...

Everything at their proper time. :-)
I've always wanted a condo myself, hopefully soon.

Fickle Cattle

Karlow said...

Hey, Fickle Cattle! Thanks for visiting! Sana nga soon. :)