Sunday, April 3, 2011

I suddenly had the urge to blog again

I didn’t really enjoy writing.

Before, I would only write because it was a school requirement or because it was my duty to do so as a member of our school publication. I was not like other writers who would wake up one morning with the urge to write, or would come up with a good topic while on a jeepney and then not sleep until they used up all the ink of their pen writing about it. For them, writing is life, but for me, it is a task.

What made me decide to take up journalism in college then? When I think of it, writing seems to be the ONLY thing I’m really good at. Ask me what my talent is and I will give you a blank stare. Singing? Mediocre. Dancing? Only if my life depended on it. I’m naturally charming, but that ain’t a skill, right? :P Thus, I took up the course. However, journalism was not really my first choice.

I really wanted to take up a computer course, perhaps computer science or information, because it was popular back then and I really like tinkering with our home computer. I was also notorious then for doing a computer-related school violation (will talk more about it in the future). However, my science and math grades in high school were not high enough. Though I had the privilege to take up any course in PUP because I graduated from high school there too, I figured that I would still have trouble with math-related subjects if I took comp-sci or IT. Thus, I decided to take a course where less mathematics is involved -- Mass Communication.

I admire broadcast journalists like Noli de Castro and Ted Failon. I also had experience in journalism when I was in elementary school. I joined several news writing competitions and won in each of them, except in the last one where I failed to make it to the nationals. When I told my family my plan to take up mass communications, my mother said, “Mahiyain ka tapos mag-ma-Maskom ka?” or something to that effect.

She had a point, but there was no way I’m joining the military as she suggested. I was a CAT officer in high school, so she thought it was good for me to continue that by entering the Philippine Military Academy. Good thing I found out that I do not have to be in front of the camera to deliver news. PUP’s College of Communication offers journalism and broadcasting as majors. I chose the latter for obvious reasons.

[This space is for my experiences back in college. I’ll skip this part for now.]

These past few weeks, I have been itching to write. No one is requiring me to do so. I felt like expressing myself regardless of whether other people are interested or not. Thus, I decided to revive this blog.

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